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Air Traffic Management

Anti Drone System


Airports Security and Protection

Anti Drone System

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  • Omni / perimeter Wi-Fi drone detection.
  • Aero Scope drone detection.
  • Wideband wireless drone detection/DF.
  • Electro-optic drone detection/tracking.

Radar drone detection & tracking.

Soft Kill

  • Jamming
  • Interception
  • Spoofing
  • Dispatch Force

Hard Kill

  • Netting
  • Ballistic
  • Kinetic interception



ASR – the latest generation of primary surveillance radars for the Terminal Approach Control Area. The radar meets or exceeds EUROCONTROL and ICAO standards. The Radar features a fully solid-state highly modular configuration with EUROCONTROL and ICAO standards.

MSSR – Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar is a fully modular system, which meets or exceeds ICAO and MARK X standards and allows extending configuration according to specific customer needs for both ATC and Air Defence systems applications.

ATM Towers

A state-of-the-art extensive software suite intended for managing air traffic in the ACC, Oceanic, Approach, Terminal, & Tower environments. Designed to be the primary tool for air traffic controllers (ATCO), the system is highly integrated while remaining minimalistic for an optimal Human-Machine Interface.


DME is a ground-based transponder system that provides accurate slant range measurements to pilots by responding to the aircraft’s interrogations. Consistent design with the ILS, it offers the same unique advantages and uses the same remote-control tools for seamless interoperability.


The most modern Instrument Landing System on the market, ILS is a solid-state system based on cutting-edge digital design. Its Localizer and Glide Path subsystems transmit radio beams to provide pilots with vertical and horizontal guidance during precision runway approach and landing.

Cyber & Security Systems

State of the art Multi-Sensor Systems made in  Israel. An integrated solution to one sensor of: Radars and day/night cameras for various ranges, Video analysis and other classification algorithms for verification, Various energy source and communication solutions, Unify Integrated C4, Wireless communications.

ATC Mobile Towers

Mobile Tower Systems have proven ability to operate under extreme environmental conditions with high reliability and operational flexibility.

Radar Antenna System Radome

The particular segments of panels have a sandwich structure with foam core and high-firm laminated shields. The panels are bolted together and create a spherical shape. The panels are constructed and equipped by shaping flange at the base. These ones serve for fixing to antenna tower base or to another constructional base. Unified radome installation shall use a fastening ring, which will serve for radome fixing, as mentioned above, regarding various versions of towers and bases.